Roundup: The Best Web Design Cheat Sheets

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Web designers often have to wear many hats.  They must aptly switch from being a developer, coder, administrator and designer at a clients request.  There is simply too much information to know all at once so I have provided the best cheat sheets I have found for the various technology that you will come across in your projects.  A number of elements are covered including PHP, regex, wordpress, css, fonts,  gimp, html, javascript, jQuery, mod rewrite, mysql, photoshop, and more.  Note: All cheat sheets are in .PDF format.

1.  PHP

2. CSS

3.  Wordpress

4.  Image Editing

5. Color, Typography

6. Javascript

7.  jQuery


9. Web Administration

10.  Regex

11. SQL

12.  Bonus

About the Author

Kalim Fleet is a professional web designer and blogger with over 6 years experience. The web is his passion as he splits his time between blog writing, software development and social media. He loves using and developing new applications for the web, mobile, and desktop.


13 Responses to “Roundup: The Best Web Design Cheat Sheets”

  1. CSS 3 cheat sheet | WebDesignExpert.Me Says:

    […] Roundup: The best web design cheat sheets – Link. […]

  2. Hermitbiker Says:

    I have hit the “motherlode”… one roundup… of all the best “cheatsheets” for web design in one “pdf” file… or take the ones you like the best !! Now all I need is more time… to check all of these out !! Thanks for posting this at “designtopx” !!

    • Kalim Fleet Says:

      Hey, I’m glad you found the post useful. Also consider subscribing to the RSS feed for this website as I will try and post the best tips, tricks, and tutorials for web design that I can.

  3. m.jacobse Says:

    I’m afraid I’m one of those dummies, who try there best, but don’t get the right answers because they’re always asking the wrong questions. So I’m not going to try to stutter around this time but have only one question: Is there something like an index with demos for design-dummies like myself? – so I know WHAT to ask? Thank you for the reading and even more, if you try to answer – I hear a lot of dumb questions to my job too, so never mind!
    truly! Monique

  4. Gordon Says:

    Thank you, there is lots of good information here and lots of good pieces of code. I myself prefer my own code since I understand it, but for learning new moves this is the best way

  5. Wayne FitzSimons Says:

    Brilliant! I fall prostrate before you in order to kiss the hem of your garment! 🙂

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